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We are closing in on the last 4 weeks of this century….holy cow!? Where has the time gone? I honestly remember when it was Y2K and we were worried that all of the ATMs might go haywire as the year changed from 1999 to 2000. Wah Wah nothing happened. Sometimes technology is smarter than we think....
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Taking payments online
Welcome to our second episode of “What the tech!?” A series of posts meant to demystify technology as it relates to your business.  Technology doesn’t have to be scary. When used right, it can totally support you and your business goals. And we’re here breaking it all down in a way that educates and empowers you...
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What the tech_branded email
Today’s post is the first in a series called “What the tech?” This series is meant to demystify the technology aspect of running a business and bring you into peace and harmony with technology rather than running in the opposite direction. When I mention tech or technology in this context I am referring to software that...
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Streamlined success
Please note this blog post does contain affiliate links but only because we believe so strongly in the platforms we recommend! When you start a business you have 2 choices: Do everything manually and drown yourself in admin OR automate your processes and spend your precious time on what’s important. Full disclosure: I started the manual...
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3 ways to elevate your brand
If you’ve been following along lately the you probably know that we are going through a rebrand here at Tribe Creative Co. And we figured what better way to help our fellow entrepreneurs than to share our firsthand experience.  So what is branding anyways? We often find that the term branding is misunderstood. What immediately comes...
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