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Streamlined Success: Why Automation in Your Business is the Key

Please note this blog post does contain affiliate links but only because we believe so strongly in the platforms we recommend!

When you start a business you have 2 choices: Do everything manually and drown yourself in admin OR automate your processes and spend your precious time on what’s important.

Full disclosure: I started the manual way and before I knew it, I was wondering where I would actually find the time to do the work (that I get paid for) when I was so busy with the mundane admin tasks.

Not only that but I worked with a lot of entrepreneurs who were facing a similar situation and through their projects and my own I have learned one thing: automation is a major key to success.

When you think of automation, what comes to mind? Automation in your business could mean a thousand things and depending on your industry could look totally different than the next business. Here are some examples of automation from my own experience as well as my clients:

  • Using a tool like Calendly or Acuity to have clients book in a meeting, consultation, even a personal training session and save countless hours with back and forth texts or emails.
  • Want to know more about your client prior to your initial consultation? Require they fill out a form when they schedule that consultation and you have all the information you need prior to the call without lifting a finger.
  • Have an online program and sick of sending out information weekly? Automate an email for every week of the program using an email marketing platform like Convertkit. They sign up, the program starts and the email sequence begins.
  • Offer your email subscribers value by automating an email freebie when they sign up.
  • Have your potential clients fill out a form when they book and automatically add them to your CRM with a software like Dubsado. Once they’re in Dubsado enter them into a predefined workflow and know exactly what the next step in the process is.

Automation can be a super simple integration like appointment booking or a more complex backend automation like lead tracking and bookkeeping. Bottom line is, if it saves you time then it’s probably worth it. 

Earlier this year I worked with Stacey Schaedler, a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach based in Boston. She not only has in-person offerings at her studio but she has turned her personal training and nutrition programs into online offerings as well.

Stacey came to me in need of a new website design since her old website just didn’t feel like a fit anymore. While discussing the new website design we uncovered a lot of areas in Stacey’s business that were drowning her in admin work.

So we began to discuss using the new website as a tool for business process optimization rather than just a better looking site. And the results were amazing!

I will preface this by saying that a lot of people get hung up on the amount of tech involved with creating certain automations but if you’re willing to trust the expert (that’s me!) and trust that you’ll end up with streamlined success then you’re on the right track. Because once these automations are up and running, your business is literally running while you sleep – how cool!

In Stacey’s case we automated 2 critical parts of her business:

  • Used Converkit to create an email sequence for the Online Nutrition program. Clients signed up and paid via Calendly at which point they were entered into an email sequence in Convertkit that began on the start date of the program. Stacey manned the Facebook group throughout the program and was there to assist her clients in achieving their nutrition goals rather than worrying about the admin.
  • Personal training session and consultation signups. We used Calendly to allow clients to sign up for personal training sessions and consultations directly from the website. Now you might be thinking “thats scary just having appointments show up on my calendar.” But the cool thing is you get to choose the time slots for when you’re available so you still control your schedule. This saved Stacey countless hours texting or email back and forth and if a client needs to reschedule they do so through Calendly not through Stacey…how easy!

I firmly believe that a website is SO much more than your online business card, it’s a tool for optimizing your business in every way. It’s step one in your client’s journey, so you might as well make it easy for your client and yourself. 

Curious what Stacey’s thoughts were on automating these business processes? Read below for the full testimonial.

“After automating these business processes I definitely feel like I can scale my online nutrition offering now that there is WAY less admin involved. I also have seen so much time saved going back and forth with clients for schedule/rescheduling now that we are using Calendly and they can book directly from the website. Overall, I’m spending less time at the computer which is a huge relief as a working mom of 2, I don’t have to worry about frantically posting the program information in the Facebook group because it automatically goes out every week and I love having more mental freedom and quality time with my kiddos!” – Stacey Schaedler

Interested in learning more about how your website can help optimize your business and bring you streamlined success? Click here to schedule a 30 minute Streamlined Success Strategy Session. We’ll talk through what’s working, what’s not and what pieces we can automate to bring in more clients and save you time.

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