3 ways to elevate your brand

3 Ways to Elevate Your Brand

If you’ve been following along lately the you probably know that we are going through a rebrand here at Tribe Creative Co. And we figured what better way to help our fellow entrepreneurs than to share our firsthand experience. 

So what is branding anyways?

We often find that the term branding is misunderstood. What immediately comes to mind is the obvious stuff – logos, colors, fonts, the visual aspects of a brand that we see everyday. But sometimes what we don’t realize is that the reason we are drawn to certain brands is the way they make us feel.

Here at Tribe Creative Co. we believe everything you put out there has an energy attached to it. If that energy isn’t carefully crafted you could be turning off your ideal client without even knowing it.

Each and every client we work with goes through a very intentional process to make sure their brand is deeply rooted in and connected to their values, mission and ultimately connects with their ideal client.

Today we wanted to share some very real insight into this process and what you can expect when creating your brand.

To start, we’ve laid out 3 things that you might not know about the branding process:

  1. It takes time. This isn’t something that happens overnight. We started our rebrand process early September and probably won’t launch it until late December. With brand development to website design, you can expect it to be about an 8-10 week process at least. And most designers are booked out 2-3 months in advance.
  2. There will be homework. This process is really about you – the business owner getting super clear about your vision and being able to articulate that to us so that we can bring your vision to life. In order to do this effectively we have our clients go through a branding worksheet and create a moodboard in preparation for our in-depth brand discovery session.
  3. More heads are better than one. This process can be overwhelming and having a team by your side to help you get clear on your who, what and why is invaluable. Even if that means running ideas by a friend or two.

Once you’ve begun the branding or rebranding process there are certain areas that we’ve seen really elevate brands. Below are 3 examples of ways you can elevate your brand and ultimately your online presence.

3 Ways to Elevate your Brand

  1. Discovering your niche early on. Who are your ideal clients? Trying to speak to and attract a majority will leave you with a whole bunch of clients you wish you hadn’t attracted, trust us. Being able to get super clear on your niche early on will help you develop that brand specifically to attract those ideal clients.
  2. Professional or high quality images. We recently invested $500 doing a photoshoot for 2 hours at a styled space with 3 other people. And trust us, as a web designer good photography can make or break your brand and ultimately your website. Even if it’s not a professional shoot, grab a friend who has a decent camera and take a few images in settings that speak to your brand personality. If you absolutely can’t afford photography, we suggest curating a collection of stock imagery on sites like Unsplash.com or Pexels.com.
  3. Do keyword research. Unless you can afford an SEO expert to do this for you, we highly suggest spending some time in the mind of your ideal client and start thinking about what words they might be searching on when trying to find your products or services. This will serve as the basis for your content creation and website copy. Working those keywords into your website copy is the first step to showing up in a search when that ideal client of yours is looking for what you have to offer.

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